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  • Bernabeleva Cantocuerdas Moscatel 2012

    Bernabeleva Cantocuerdas Moscatel 2012

    Wonderfully scented with dried flowers,spiced orange and apricots. Racy freshness and while the sweetness is there, it's actually very delicate. Rated 95 Points, Peñin Guida (Spain)
  • Bernabeleva Navaherreros Blanco 2015

    Bernabeleva Navaherreros Blanco 2015

    'Delicious, Savoury, Depth, Texture, Zesty'
  • Bodega Maranones Treintamil Maravedies Garnacha 2014

    Bodega Maranones Treintamil Maravedies Garnacha 2014

    ''Finesse, savoury edge, lots of depth, cherry aromas, really nice drinking.''
  • Marañones​ ​Picarana ​Albillo 2014

    Marañones​ ​Picarana ​Albillo 2014

    Aromas like jasmine combine with faintly tropical fruit and a dairy hint to the nose. On the palate, there is a weight and richness to the wine from the barrel fermentation, but the minerality keeps the wine fresh.