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  • El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez NV

    El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez NV

    ''Smell the raisins! This is the very essence of sun-dried raisins, ripe and unctuous, and simply lovely. It is a silky, fairly fresh Pedro Ximenez.'' 95 Points, Sarah Jane Evans, Decanter Magazine
  • Fernando De Castilla Classic Cream

    Fernando De Castilla Classic Cream

    Dash for the cheese board, clear a space in the study and get out your best crystal, because this is a fantastic creamy Sherry that's got a great fruity, refreshing character to hanker after. Slightly drier than most cream Sherries, it's one to keep to yourself and sip slowly in the evenings. The cellars of Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla are located in the historic centre of Jerez. Here one can find the real treasures of this winemaking region. The famous brandies of Fernando de Castilla are made using only alembic distillates of selected white wines. These are first aged in new barrels of French and American oak and thereafter for long periods in barrels that have previously contained the choicest sherries. Only brandies of the highet categories of the D.O., namely Solera Reserva and Solera Gran Reserva are made. Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla is a founding member of the D.O. Brandy de Jerez.

  • Sanchez Romate Ambrosia Moscatel

    Sanchez Romate Ambrosia Moscatel

    Very old, but nervy material, thanks to the lovely fresh natural acidity which is a feature of Moscatel. Rich and heady, with dried fruits. Balanced, silky back palate, drying finish.